Dental check-ups every six months might feel like a lot. You might be thinking, ‘’how bad can my teeth get in so little time?”. The reality is that your mouth is very bad at giving you “early warnings” and that several progressive conditions exist which may tip from “imperfect but not warranting treatment” to “would now benefit from treatment” with fairly mild progression. 
If you’ve been researching teeth straightening treatments, you will likely have come across the brand Invisalign, which caused major waves within the world of teeth straightening treatments back in 2000. 
Brushing your teeth is a part of any healthy person’s daily routine. While brushing your teeth is a good start to ensuring your mouth stays healthy, brushing alone isn’t enough. Here are some of the things you can do to bolster your tooth brushing efforts and retain your natural teeth for life. 
The consequences of having a poor diet can impact your mouth in ways you might not have ever considered. Did you know plaque build-up can lead to problems like tooth loss and even heart disease? Meanwhile, consuming alcohol regularly can significantly increase your risk of mouth cancer. In this post, we’ll offer some good dietary choices for your oral health. 
Statistics show that the majority of adults in the U.K still aren’t flossing their teeth. Neglecting to floss means you’re missing out on cleaning approximately a third of your tooth surfaces, so it’s no surprise that this can lead to various problems with your oral health. Below, we’re looking at why you should never miss cleaning between your teeth. Here are our five reasons: 
Good oral hygiene is key to healthy teeth. Oral hygiene mainly focuses on your gum health, which is essential as your teeth require the foundation of healthy gums to stand the test of time. Did you know patients with advanced gum disease (periodontal disease) are three times more likely to develop diabetes, 25% more susceptible to the risk of cardiovascular disease and 20% more likely to develop hypertension? Scary right? With this in mind, it isn’t just your oral health that will suffer from a bad oral hygiene routine. 
Have you been in two minds about whether or not to go ahead with orthodontic treatment? Maybe you’re worried about the interruption it could make to your day-to-day life? Perhaps it’s the cosmetic element that’s making you question your desire to proceed? Below, we’ll highlight five reasons you should keep in mind if you’re unsure about straightening your teeth. 
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