Having bright, white teeth is something we all aspire to. And thanks to professional teeth whitening treatment, it’s an achievable dream. Today, we’re looking at the amazing life-changing benefits this popular cosmetic dental treatment can offer. 
New evidence has suggested that dental plaque accumulation and periodontal inflammation intensify the chance of Covid-19 reaching the lungs and causing severe cases. The revelation comes after an international team of researchers from the UK, South Africa, and the USA published their findings in the Journal of Oral Medicine and Dental Research. With this in mind, it’s never been more important to keep on top of your gum health. 
The food and drink we eat has the power to make or break our dental health. Whilst there is still a lot of educating to be done surrounding the food and drink that causes dental erosion, it’s great to see sportspeople such as Christiano Ronaldo rejecting Coca-Cola, the sponsor of Euro 2020. As well as such efforts from sportspeople, awareness around how sugar affects teeth is essential, and we can offer this to patients during a routine hygienist or dentist appointment – knowledge is power! 
Patient education is a big part of what we do here at Park Dental Care, and this includes making patients aware of misconceptions and myths surrounding keeping their teeth and gums in tact. Below, we’ve put together some of these, to help you better care for your smile and maintain great oral health and hygiene. 
Today, the options for straightening your smile and correcting other orthodontic issues like crowded and widely spaced teeth are better than ever. Thanks to treatments like Invisalign clear aligners and aesthetic and comfortable fixed brace designs, patients can undergo less invasive treatment than in the past. Whilst teeth straightening will inevitably improve the aesthetics of your smile, did you know there are a whole host of other benefits that often go overlooked? Let’s take a look at some of these below. 
Like any other part of the body, teeth have a way of letting us know when they need some attention. With the slow easing of lockdown, it might be tempting to put off what you believe to be is an issue with your smile. However, it’s essential to get such issues looked into as soon as possible before any serious problems that require complex intervention can manifest. 
Like everyone else across the U.K, we’re thrilled that the country will slowly be coming out of lockdown soon, and are so very grateful to the wonderful NHS staff, who work incredibly hard to get us all vaccinated as quickly as possible. Whilst some people have been able to attend a routine dentist and hygienist appointment since dental practices were allowed to open, many have not yet had the chance to visit the practice due to the constraints imposed by Covid-19. 
In recent years, orthodontic treatment has become much more attractive to adults, a demographic who previously saw the limited brace options available to them as a deterrent. One particular treatment that has been popular during the lockdown period (thanks to its suitability to remote care) is Invisalign. 
The pandemic has been a tough time for many of us and we hope our readers are keeping well during this 2021 winter lockdown period. Whilst there is hope on the horizon, it’s likely that everyday life won’t resume just yet and consequently, many of us are indulging in simple pleasures, spending more time in the kitchen and enjoying home cooking. It’s great that the U.K has embraced the idea of home cooking but for those with missing teeth, the enjoyment that food brings can become lost. 
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