The trend of seeking dental treatments abroad, commonly referred to as "Turkey Teeth," continues to attract individuals looking to save on treatment costs. It gained traction due to influencers and celebrities giving positive reviews of cosmetic treatments abroad, including crowns, veneers and dental implants. 
The Truth about "Turkey Teeth" 
While "Turkey Teeth" packages may seem appealing with apparent deals, this trend has significant downsides. Dental practices abroad do not have to follow the same regulations and guidelines as UK dentists, potentially compromising your safety. There are cultural differences as to what dental treatment is “normal” in different countries. Language barriers and misunderstandings can also lead to unexpected and unnecessary procedures that impact the integrity of your natural teeth. 
Numerous news reports and studies have shed light on people experiencing severe pain, infections and botched treatments after seeking dental care abroad. These procedures can also result in irreparable damage. For example, if a dentist shaves down a natural tooth into a small peg, there is limited recourse for repairing such damage. While there are success stories, the risks associated with the "Turkey Teeth" trend often outweigh any potential benefits. Implants, in particular, pose a significant risk. A surgeon with a short-term objective is likely to provide treatment differently than one who is expecting to look after you into the future. 
Implant Failure 
Dental implants, a revolutionary tooth replacement method, require precision, months of healing and multiple appointments to ensure success. Traditional implant procedures involve placing a titanium implant into the jawbone, followed by a 3-6 month healing period called Osseointegration. Only once the implant has successfully fused to the jawbone can a dentist rely on it to take your full biting force. Accelerating this process, as some providers abroad do, can result in implant failure. 
In the UK, dental implants boast a remarkable 95% success rate, but complications need immediate attention from a dentist. Seeking prompt care becomes challenging when your dentist is based in another country. Additionally, UK dentists may be hesitant to address issues stemming from treatments done abroad due to their unpredictability. 
Why Choose a UK Dentist for Dental Implants 
Despite the initial temptation to save costs, we strongly advise opting for a UK-based dentist for dental implant treatment. Doing so ensures that your treatment adheres to General Dental Council (GDC) regulations and guarantees post-operative care if complications arise. 
Dental Implants at Park Dental 
At Park Dental, our Implant Surgeon, Dr Chris Lucas, has been proficient in implant surgery since 1990. His extensive experience includes collaboration with renowned implant manufacturers and lecturing on implant training courses. You know that you're in safe and knowledgeable hands when selecting our practice in Nottingham for dental implants. 
Finance Options 
Most dentists in the UK offer 0% APR finance options that allow you to split the treatment cost into manageable instalments. This means you can obtain a beautiful smile without needing to travel abroad. Your path to dental health can start right here in the UK. 
The allure of cost-saving treatments abroad must be balanced with the potential risks and complications associated with the "Turkey Teeth" trend. Choosing a local dental clinic not only ensures adherence to regulatory standards but also guarantees peace of mind and access to reliable post-operative care. Contact us today at 0115 910 1447 to explore your options for dental implants in Nottingham. We'd love to hear from you. 
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