Looking to brighten your smile but need help deciding which treatment to choose? Or perhaps you've tried teeth whitening before, but the results were underwhelming. Let us introduce you to Enlighten Whitening – a revolutionary whitening system that will transform your smile's radiance like never before. 
At Park Dental, our commitment to excellence in cosmetic dentistry truly sets us apart. We take great pride in offering our valued patients the finest and most effective treatments like Enlighten, which is highly recommended by leading dentists and used by influencers and celebrities. 
Here's Why Enlighten Is The Best: 
1) Natural Brilliance: At the core of our practice is the desire to deliver a beautiful and natural smile. With Enlighten Whitening, we accomplish precisely that by guaranteeing the brightest and most natural shade on the tooth colour index – Vita Shade B1. Witness your smile transform up to 16 shades brighter while retaining its natural appearance. You'll love the uniform and harmonious radiance, making the best of your smile. 
2) Long-lasting Results With Zero Compromise: Enlighten Whitening results can last for years with regular top-ups, and you won't need to adjust your lifestyle to maintain them. You can still enjoy your favourite foods and drinks like coffee or red wine without worrying about your teeth losing their brightness. 
3) Sensitivity-Friendly: Concerned about sensitivity? You may have heard that teeth whitening can be uncomfortable if you have sensitive teeth. However, with the Enlighten Whitening gels, you can still achieve a beautiful, bright smile with the minimum of sensitivity. These gels have a neutral pH, making them a low-sensitivity treatment that is less likely to cause discomfort. So don't let sensitivity hold you back from getting the smile you deserve. 
How Does It Work? 
After your initial consultation with us, where we'll guide you through the procedure and create personalised whitening trays based on an impression of your smile, most of the treatment can be completed in the comfort of your own home. 
Once your custom trays are ready, we'll provide you with the comprehensive Enlighten kit. The process involves wearing the specified gel overnight for two weeks, followed by the Week 3 gel for one hour daily to seal in the brightness. 
The result? A dazzling smile you can proudly showcase with confidence. To maintain your results, we recommend using the Enlighten top-up gel once every two months, readily available through our welcoming reception team, and continuing to utilise the bespoke trays provided. 
Enlighten Whitening at Park Dental, Nottingham: 
Trust in our expertise, and together, we'll unlock the full potential of your smile. Our team has been helping clients achieve their dream smiles for over 20 years and are experts in providing high-quality cosmetic dentistry services and orthodontics. We strive to provide our valued clients with nothing but the best for their dental needs. 
Contact our private dental team today at 0115 910 1447 for more information about our Enlighten Whitening services. 
We can’t wait to hear from you! 
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