Dental Implants help you replace missing teeth. If you have: 
Lost a tooth due to decay or an abcess; 
Lost a tooth because of trauma; 
Had gum disease; 
Not grown all the teeth you should have; 
Not got on with a denture. 
Experienced surgeon, Chris Lucas, can help you with dental implants. For twenty years, Chris has been helping people like you to eat in comfort and smile with dignity. However nervous you are, Chris and his team can help you. 
There are usually several options available to you, so Chris sees it as his responsilbility to explain these to you and to help you make the most appropriate decision.  
All clients are given a written estimate and we work to find solutions which work within your budget.  
We are proud to have helped so many people restore their comfort and dignity and look forward to helping you too. 
Call to schedule a consultation to discuss the possibilities. 
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