Accidents / Trauma 
Non- Dental Cuts, Fractures And Loss Of Consciousness 
If you have non- dental cuts, fractures and loss of consciousness, visit the accident and emergency department of your local hospital 
Whole Teeth Loosened Or Lost 
Clean tooth by licking/sucking tooth in your own mouth and push it back into the socket as soon as possible. If too painful, keep tooth in cold milk and see the emergency dentist as soon as possible 
Teeth Moved By Trauma 
Push back into place as soon as possible. If too painful, see the emergency dentist as soon as possible. 
Large Chips Off Tooth 
Keep in cold milk or cold brine until your dentist can examine you; seek treatment within 48 hours. 
Small (ΒΌ Tooth) Chips Or Lost Fragments 
Seek treatment within 48 hours. Apply Sensodyne jelly or toothpaste to reduce sensitivity 
Injured Or Bleeding Gums 
Treat injured or bleeding gums by rinsing with hot brine (one teaspoon of salt in one cup of water) three times daily. Brush gums gently from gum towards tooth. 
Tooth Sensitivity 
Treat tooth sensitivity by rubbing on Sensodyne jelly or toothpaste. 
Aching Pain 
Treat aching pain with ibuprofen tablets four times daily. Avoid Ibuprofen if you are asthmatic. 
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