Please contact us if you are in pain or need advice. For self-help advice we hope that the following advice is useful:   


What to do with chipped, broken or lost teeth, mouth trauma or bleeding gums caused by trauma. Click Here 

Unexpected Pain 

Sudden pain around certain teeth, extreme sensitivity, severe sharp pain Click Here 

Non Painful Emergencies 

Loose or lost crowns or bridges, non-painful broken teeth, braces and dentures.. Click Here 

Broken tooth/Loose Filling 

Broken tooth, bleeding or sore gums, sensitivity or aching pain advice. Click Here 

After Treatment Problems 

Aching Pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, sharp pain on biting, facial swelling, bleeding after extraction via treatment. Braces, Dentures. Click Here 
Park Dental Care is a private dental practice in Nottingham city centre. New clients are welcomed by a friendly and sympathetic team. 
London qualified dentist, Timothy Webber has provided comprehensive care in Nottingham for fifteen years. 
the practice provides a personal approach to dentistry, the small team employing a high degree of technical skill to achieve long lasting natural looking results. 
If you wish to improve your confidence or appearance with advanced dentistry, Timothy Webber (a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) will help straighten, whiten and restore your smile and confidence. 
Download the Tim Webber Cosmetic Dental Services Brochure Here (PDF) 
View the Park Dental Virtual Tour 
If you are nervous about dentistry, you can be assured that you are not alone and that our close team has helped hundreds of people like you achieve the results they wanted in comfort and with compassion. You are welcome to call the practice to arrange to meet the team and register without even having to see a dental chair. 
Looking for Cosmetic Dentistry? 
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