After Treatment Problems 
Aching Pain Or Sensitivity To Hot And Cold 
Aching pain or sensitivity to hot and cold are normal after dental treatment and lasts two days to two weeks. Seek dental assistance if pain lasts longer than two weeks. 
Sharp Pain On Biting 
Sharp pain on biting after dental treatment occurs after certain dental treatments. Seek dental assistance if pain lasts more than two weeks or if your bite feels raised. 
Facial Swelling 
Facial swelling after fillings and crowns indicates that further dental investigation is required. Seek assistance within 48 hours. 
Bleeding After Extractions 
Bleeding after extractions should be treated by pressure to the socket applied by biting on a cotton gauze or cotton wool wrapped in kitchen roll. Leave this in for 30 minutes, staying seated and calm. Do not rinse your mouth on the day of extractions. 
Unstoppable Bleeding 
In the event of unstoppable bleeding or severe swelling, contact the emergency dental service. 
After Extractions 
Pain after extractions and swelling may be helped by ibuprofen and paracetamol every two hours, avoiding ibuprofen if asthmatic. 
After Fitting New Dentures Or Braces 
After fitting new dentures or braces, these may rub on your gums, lips and tongue. Rinse your mouth three times daily with hot brine (one teaspoon of salt in one cup of water). If severe, leave the denture out for twelve hours and rub the sore tissue with toothpaste on a damp flannel. 
After Gum Treatment 
Rubbing Sensodyne jelly or toothpaste onto the teeth may help sensitivity after gum treatment. If severe take ibuprofen tablets. Avoid ibuprofen if asthmatic. 
Temporary Fillings Or Crowns 
Pain or sensitivity of teeth treated with temporary fillings or crowns may be helped by applying Sensodyne jelly or toothpaste. Severe pain will be helped by ibuprofen tablets. Avoid ibuprofen if asthmatic. 
Lost or loose temporary crowns or bridges may be temporally re-stuck with denture fixative. Re-fix the crown and seek dental assistance within 48 hours 
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