Everyone wants a brighter, whiter smile, but did you know that there are serious risks if you don’t use a qualified dental professional? Here’s why you should always make sure your tooth whitening treatment is performed safely, under expert supervision. 
Online whitening kits may be harmful to your health 
The Oral Health Foundation discovered that one in four people (28%) would purchase home whitening kits over the internet or visit unqualified beauticians for tooth whitening treatment rather than their dentist. However, the top whitening kit on Amazon was recently banned after it was found to contain sodium perborate – an EU-prohibited chemical that has been shown to damage fertility and harm unborn babies. The kit was the top selling product in Amazon’s tooth whitening section with excellent reviews, proving that we don’t always know what we are getting when we buy home whitening products online and that amateur reviewers are only so good! 
Beauticians are offering illegal whitening treatments 
Anyone offering whitening treatments with more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide who is not a registered dental professional is acting illegally, and therefore is not insured against any harm caused to you. In 2018, the General Dental Council (GDC) prosecuted 31 people in the UK resulting in fines of more than £11,000. With very little training, non-qualified individuals such as beauticians and kiosk employees can cause serious long-term damage to teeth and gums by offering illegal whitening treatments and are unlikely to be able to personally compensate you for any harm in the absence of insurance. 
Dentists know how to whiten teeth safely 
Only a qualified dental professional knows how to provide safe and effective whitening treatment that takes into account your lifestyle, colouring, and cosmetic preferences. At Park Dental Care, we invite you to a free initial consultation, during which we will make sure that you are suitable for treatment and discuss your treatment expectations. If you decide to proceed and are eligible for treatment, we will take an impression of your teeth to make a bespoke transparent applicator trays that you will use at home to hold the whitening solution against your teeth while you sleep. The procedure costs £349 and you can expect to see results in 2-6 weeks. 
Advantages of choosing Park Dental Care for your whitening treatment 
• Our friendly and professional team take the time to make sure you receive the most appropriate and safe treatment. 
• Custom applicator trays minimise the risk of whitening chemicals leaking onto your gums. 
• Personalised treatment plan ensures you get the results you want. 
• Safe and simple process that you can carry out in the comfort of your own home. 
If, for any reason, you are not suitable for whitening treatment we will be happy to discuss alternative options with you to get the beautiful smile you want. Call us on 0115 9101447 to book your free consultation today. 
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