I have had so many people mail me to ask which electric toothbrush I recommend 
I am happy to give a clear recommendation: the Sonicare made by Phillips. 
Now, don't rush to throw away the brush you have, it may be quite serviceable. However, I use a Sonicare, which I paid for; Phillips being the only manufacturer who do not have a policy of giving samples of their product to dentists. 
I have tried many brushes over the last 15 years and prefer the Sonicare because of it's combination of efficient, gentle cleaning, innovative sonic action, which seems to be better at preventing stain build up than oscillating movements, good battery life, nice feel in the hand and aesthetics. If I have one criticism of these products, it is that they are not especially robust. I cannot get more than two years use before something inside breaks. 
I also liked the rechargeable Oral-B made by Braun, which I used for some time, and found to be very robust- lasting nearer to five years. I found that the simpler Oral-B models predisposed to a very firm brushing technique- risking traumatising the gums, whereas the more sophisticated models overcame this but were very bulky and, to me, unaesthetic. Professionally, I find that the oscillating action of the Oral-B products is inferior to the Sonicare at preventing stain build up. 
Phillips now has a whole range of brushes- expect to pay from £60 to £260! From a professional perspective, the base model is just as good at cleaning your teeth and represents the best value. I do, however find it worth paying the extra for the more expensive brush-heads when it is time to replace the head. 
This base model is marketed as the "easy clean". If you can get one for less than £60, I recommend that you snap it up! 
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