Have you looked in the mirror recently and noticed thin, vertical lines on your teeth? These are craze lines. You may worry that your teeth are decaying or damaged. Don’t panic! Craze lines are only minor cosmetic imperfections. Read this blog to discover more about them. 
Craze lines are thin, vertical hairline cracks that affect the outer layers of enamel. These tiny cracks can occur on the front or back teeth but are most visible on your front ones. Most of the time, craze lines are hard to spot and are only visible when very close up or under specific lighting. Craze lines are present as white lines or cracks along the tooth's surface. But they can sometimes have a grey, blue or brown hue. 
Should You Be Concerned? 
It depends… In your front teeth, these are usually harmless. Beyond aesthetics, craze lines in your front teeth are no cause for concern as they don't extend into the dentin (middle of the tooth). 
However, where cracks radiate out from fillings in your back teeth, this may be the first sign of impending problems. If you notice cracks adjacent to fillings, our team at Park Dental care can help you assess whether they pose a risk. 
According to an analogy from Teethtalkgirl, imagine the craze lines on your teeth are like an old porcelain plate. The old plate remains intact, but tiny hairline cracks are across its glaze. Where the crack goes deeper into the plate than the glaze, it usually discolours. The stained crack is more concerning than the whitish surface crack. 
Craze lines commonly develop from regular wear and tear. But as long as they are confined to the enamel, there is no severe weakness in the teeth. The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) classifies craze lines as the least damaging type of crack. They are common, painless, and don't usually require immediate treatment. 
What Causes Craze Lines? 
Craze lines are mostly a common symptom of everyday wear and tear. But, in some cases, trauma, blunt force or bruxism (teeth grinding) may be to blame. So, if you're a nighttime tooth grinder or use your teeth as a bottle opener, this is why you have craze lines. 
You may have also had these lines for a while and never realised them. Over time, some habits, such as drinking red wine or coffee, can make them more noticeable. 
How We Can Help 
A professional assessment is always recommended if the cracks are adjacent to a filling, discoloured or sensitive to cold or pressure. If the cracks are harmless but make you self-conscious or have become deeply stained, cosmetic dentistry can help. 
Porcelain veneers may be the most advisable treatment when dealing with multiple craze lines. But, if your case is mild or you want to reduce staining, a whitening or composite bonding treatment can be an effective but less invasive choice. 
Preventing Craze Lines 
Your best bet for preventing craze lines is to reduce the excessive pressure or bite force placed onto your teeth. So… this means using an actual bottle opener instead. 
If your craze lines are due to nighttime bruxism, there are ways we can help with this, such as a bespoke bite-guard. 
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