Suddenly losing a tooth or experiencing severe dental pain can be traumatic and stressful. At Park Dental Care, we try to see all patients with dental emergencies or pain on the same or next working day. Here are some tips on what to do while you’re waiting for your appointment. 
Tooth loosened or knocked out 
Clean your tooth by licking or sucking it within your mouth and then push it back into the socket. If you’re in too much pain, put the tooth in a glass of cold milk and see the emergency dentist as soon as possible. 
Large chips off tooth 
Keep the chips in cold milk or cold brine (one teaspoon of salt in one cup of water) until your appointment – we advise that you seek treatment within 48 hours. 
Small chips off tooth 
If you lose ¼ of a tooth or less, apply Sensodyne jelly or toothpaste to the affected area and seek treatment within 48 hours. 
Sharp, severe pain 
Apply oil of cloves to the affected tooth and take ibuprofen tablets up to four times daily (unless you are asthmatic). Seek dental assistance within 48 hours. 
Injured or bleeding gums 
Rinse three times daily with hot brine and continue to brush gently from the gum toward the tooth, even if it’s painful. If it’s too painful to brush, rinse three times daily with Chlorexidine Gluconate mouth rinse and seek dental assistance within 48 hours. 
Lost filling 
If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, rub Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste into the affected area. You can use an over-the-counter temporary filling material (or sugar-free gum in a pinch) if your tooth has been left with sharp edges that are irritating your tongue. Seek dental treatment within 48 hours. 
Prepare for the unexpected 
Keeping a dental first aid kit at home can help you prepare for unexpected dental injuries while you seek professional treatment. Your kit should include: 
• Paracetamol/Ibuprofen 
• Antiseptic mouthwash 
• Cotton wool balls/gauze 
• A small container (to keep loose teeth in) 
• Sugar-free gum (to temporarily plug a gap caused by a loose filling) 
When to go to the hospital 
You should immediately go to your local A&E department if you experience: 
• Severe bleeding that won’t stop. 
• Non-dental cuts, fractures, or loss of consciousness. 
• Severe pain that isn’t helped by painkillers. 
At Park Dental Care we do our best to accommodate emergency dental cases as soon as possible. Contact us to make an appointment. If you have an emergency outside of our normal working hours, please contact Nottingham Emergency Dental Services on 111. For weekend emergencies, please call 07769 935142 (this is a private service that incurs a fee of £60). 
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