The loss of one tooth may not sound like a big problem, particularly if it’s a back tooth that’s out of view. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A myriad of problems accompany tooth loss, whether you’re missing one or several. 
In this blog, we’re discussing the changes that occur when missing teeth are left untreated. 
Your teeth will start to move 
The loss of one tooth can trigger teeth around the space to start drifting towards it. The unnatural gaps created when this happens can make brushing and flossing much more challenging, and the way your teeth bite together will also be affected. Once out of position, your teeth may sustain wear over time. 
You might stop smiling as often 
We all want to feel proud of our teeth when we show them off to smile and laugh. But when there’s one missing this subconsciously affects your confidence. Failing to do anything about a missing tooth will change how often you feel like smiling. 
Your jawbone will start to shrink away 
Resorption (the progression whereby bone shrinks away due to lack of use) occurs at the site where a tooth has been lost. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone believes it has become redundant and begins to shrink away. Not only can this weaken your jawbone’s overall structure, but it can also bring about radical changes to how your face looks. As the jawbone begins to shrink, the volume in your cheeks will also reduce, resulting in a prematurely aged appearance of your face. 
Fortunately, dental implant-based treatments can help to prevent this from occurring. 
Your eating habits will change 
Even the loss of a small amount of tooth structure when a tooth cracks or chips can change the way we chew our food. So, when a tooth such as a molar is lost (an essential chewing tooth), your tongue has to push your food around to avoid it lodging in the hole and allow you to chew it. Eventually, you can stop enjoying tough foods like steak, starchy and crunchy foods which ultimately limits your diet. Simply replacing a missing tooth or teeth will re-open the variety of foods you’re able to enjoy. 
Dental Implants in Nottingham 
Here at Park Dental Care, we’re fortunate the have the talents and professionalism of Dr Chris Lucas, our implant dentist. Chris has been carrying out implant surgery since 1990 and is a lecturer for the prestigious implant brand, Nobel Biocare. Chris’s implant work has taken him all around the world, and we’re very proud to have him restoring the smile of our patients here in Nottingham. 
Contact a dentist in Nottingham at Park Dental Care 
Contact Park Dental Care to book your appointment for tooth replacement treatment today. We look forward to welcoming you. 
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