Statistics show that the majority of adults in the U.K still aren’t flossing their teeth. Neglecting to floss means you’re missing out on cleaning approximately a third of your tooth surfaces, so it’s no surprise that this can lead to various problems with your oral health. Below, we’re looking at why you should never miss cleaning between your teeth. Here are our five reasons: 
You don’t even need to “floss” to gain these benefits! 
Our team of dental hygienists will actually recommend using “interdental brushes” (market leader, TePe make a great range we would recommend) rather than floss in most circumstances. For most people, this is more effective, more efficient and you don’t need to pull string between your teeth! 
Prevent bad breath 
When bacteria build up between your teeth, the metabolic products that form can lead to bad breath. This is exacerbated if you’ve been eating particularly strong foods like garlic and onions. Making sure you’re flossing after each meal will give you fresher breath day-to-day, which can lead to better confidence around others too. 
Removes harmful bacteria from deep corners of your mouth 
Over 500 different species of bacteria inhabit the mouth. Whilst most of these won’t cause you any harm, some cause decay and cavities, resulting in tooth loss without treatment with a filling or a root canal. Removing lingering food particles immediately after you eat will reduce the possibility of developing tooth-related problems and lessen your chances of needing treatment. 
It reduces the development of gum disease 
As well as causing cavities, bacteria cause gum disease. A small amount of bleeding can quickly and silently escalate into advanced gum disease, particularly if you’ve not visited the hygienist for some time to have a professional gum health check. Book yourself in for a hygienist appointment here in Nottingham to keep gum disease at bay and to reduce the chance of developing unpleasant symptoms like sensitivity, bleeding, soreness and tooth loss. 
Keep serious health complications at bay 
Thanks to numerous studies, it’s now clear that plaque can cause other health problems that aren’t solely restricted to the mouth. Plaque has the potential to enter the bloodstream and go on to cause heart disease, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s. Making sure you’re removing bacteria from between your teeth will lower the risk of developing gum disease and thus reduce the possibility of suffering from other health complications. 
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