Having bright, white teeth is something we all aspire to. And thanks to professional teeth whitening treatment, it’s an achievable dream. Today, we’re looking at the amazing life-changing benefits this popular cosmetic dental treatment can offer. 
1. Boost your self-esteem 
We all tend to assign a significant portion of our self-esteem to how we look, and when tooth discolouration strikes, it can be easy to lose some confidence. Having whiter teeth can lead to an increased desire to smile, proven to boost serotonin and wellbeing levels. 
2. Inspire better oral health habits 
Here at Park Dental Care, we often see patients who have undergone teeth whitening treatment develop better oral health habits in an effort to maintain the beautiful white teeth they have post-treatment. Not only does this result in a better-looking smile long-term, but it also improves the health of your smile. 
3. Professional teeth whitening = safe whitening 
If you’ve ever considered over-the-counter teeth whitening, think again. Teeth whitening treatment not overseen by a dental professional is dangerous and could potentially cause untold damage to your gum health and tooth enamel. As professional whitening uses custom-made whitening trays, it fully protects your gums and teeth from any risk. What’s more, here at Park Dental Care, you’re in the hands of experienced and highly trained dentists who have delivered this treatment for a great many happy patients in the Nottingham area. 
4. Great teeth and first impressions 
A study has found that people continue to be influenced by a person’s appearance, even after interacting with them in person, and white teeth denote self-care and respect for one’s health and appearance. With this in mind, having a great smile is critical in situations such as job interviews and first dates. 
Boutique Teeth Whitening at Park Dental Care 
At Park Dental Care, we offer the market-leading and cost-effective Boutique whitening system, an at-home treatment that you can top up whenever you wish. Some of the benefits of Boutique teeth whitening include: 
● They include an in-built desensitiser, ideal for those with sensitive teeth. 
● You can wear the whitening trays during the day or at night, depending on your preference. 
● Results will start to show in as little as a week. 
● There is no need to follow a ‘non-staining diet’ during treatment, so you can carry on drinking your morning coffee without guilt! 
Read all about Boutique whitening here. 
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We’re so grateful to be open and looking after many of our patients in person again. If you’re unable to come in and see us, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of the virtual consultation process, during which we can talk through your treatment goals. 
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