If you are wearing Invisalign, the COVID-19 pandemic causes new challenges. As frustrating as these are, you can be grateful that Invisalign is simpler and safer to manage than fixed braces.  
As I am managing more than a hundred clients in Invisalign, I have spent some time planning how you can safely progress your treatment without us meeting in person. 
My team and I are currently reviewing our Invisalign cases to work out how best to manage each individual circumstance and are attempting to contact each client personally.  
Our general objective is to continue treatment where I deem that there is a safe way of doing so. Some clients would be safer maintaining their current position or slowing the rate of orthodontic progress until we can meet again. 
I can arrange for materials to be collected or posted and for specific advice to be given, so please call the practice 01159101447 or WhatsApp 07936361402 if you need help.  
I would advise all my Invisalign clients to: 
• Slow down the rate of orthodontic movement to three weekly changes, or until an aligner breaks. 
• Keep wearing aligners, even if this means going back, if for example you lose or damage an aligner. 
• Pipe-clean (TePe) between your back teeth and floss between your front teeth daily. Contact me if the floss is tight to pull down. 
• Chew a “chewie” between your front teeth for at least 20 minutes per day. 
• Keep your aligners super-hygienic using an electric tooth-brush under tepid running water twice per day. 
• Use the case to protect your brace whilst eating, even in your own home. This is more hygienic and reduces the risk of losing or damaging the aligners. 
• Keep previous aligners as “spares”. 
• Experiment with taking photos of your teeth wearing braces using your ‘phone, so that I can review your progress if necessary. 
• Make sure I have the postal address you are using during lock-down and the email address to which you have access. WhatsApp is a great way of providing photos of your mouth, so be ready to use this app. 
I am working to support all my clients and welcome your contact. Good luck and stay safe. Tim.. 
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