Dental check-ups every six months might feel like a lot. You might be thinking, ‘’how bad can my teeth get in so little time?”. The reality is that your mouth is very bad at giving you “early warnings” and that several progressive conditions exist which may tip from “imperfect but not warranting treatment” to “would now benefit from treatment” with fairly mild progression. 
Previously slow deterioration can become much more rapid without any symptoms, particularly if you’ve changed certain lifestyle habits, eating habits, or recently developed a medical condition. 
Even one skipped visit can be enough to allow decay to spread and warrant a filling. Missing a hygienist visit can also push your gums over the edge from gingivitis (the early stage of gum disease and very common) to periodontitis (more serious and very damaging gum damage). Scarily, oral cancer diagnosis rapidly becomes more challenging to address. 
Calculus can only be removed at the dentist 
The only person who can get rid of disease-causing calculus (also known as tartar) is a dental professional, usually your hygienist. Visiting your dentist in Nottingham to see a hygienist will ensure this plaque doesn’t solidify to tartar and escalate into gum disease, which causes permanent damage. 
Having calculus removed every few months also leads to fresher breath, and who doesn’t want that? 
Decay can rarely be spotted at home 
Decay is usually sneaky. As it rarely produces symptoms until the eleventh hour, patients can sometimes have to undergo a completely avoidable root canal procedure. Routine dentist appointments are an opportunity to spot decay early and treat it. With our special equipment here at Park Dental Care, we can identify signs of decay hiding away in your mouth and treat this with a filling rather than root canal treatment. The more often you come in to see us, the less likely dental problems like decay are to require a root canal. 
We look for oral cancer symptoms during your appointments 
According to the NHS, if mouth cancer is diagnosed early, a complete cure is possible in up to nine out of ten cases. As mouth cancer symptoms can come in the form of hard-to-spot ulcers and changes to the soft tissues in your mouth, they can be tricky to identify at home. At Park Dental Care, your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth and flag anything that needs further investigation. If you’re at all worried about any symptoms, please contact us as soon as you can, rather than waiting for your next routine appointment. 
A complete list of mouth cancer symptoms is available to view here. 
Reduce the chance of developing dental-related discomfort 
Nobody wants to suffer from toothache or any kind of pain in the mouth. When infections and abscesses strike, in many cases, they can only be identified via X-ray. A missed appointment could well lead to intense sensitivity and pain that we could have treated sooner. What’s more, these unpleasant symptoms get in the way of your valuable day-to-day routine. 
Don’t let dental pain stall your life; make sure you come in for routine appointments when advised to by your dentist. 
Avoid wider health problems 
The link between your oral health and general health is undeniable. Ongoing research continues to prove how close tooth and gum health is linked to how your heart functions and the connection between oral health and diabetes has been shown in clinical research. 
Lingering plaque that goes on to cause advanced gum disease can infiltrate the arteries and heighten your risk of heart disease and stroke. Severe gum disease also wreaks havoc on your blood sugar control. When the gums are inflamed, this inflammation can enter the bloodstream and throw your body’s defense system out of control, affecting blood sugar stability. 
Just as you might endeavor to eat healthily and exercise, you should be coming to the dentist every six or twelve months to protect your oral health and general health. After each appointment, we will be able to tell you how often to attend, depending on the condition of your teeth and gums at the given time. 
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