The loss of a tooth can be tough. It can make you feel self-conscious, cause food to lodge and spoil your enjoyment of food. When a dentist loses a tooth, they nearly always ask for it to be replaced with an implant. 
The loss of a tooth can be tough; it can make you feel self-conscious, cause food to lodge and spoil your enjoyment of food. When a dentist loses a tooth, they nearly always ask for it to be replaced with an implant, and with good reason. Dentists don’t want to worry about a vacant space in your mouth or about replacement false teeth slipping out of place but they also don’t like the idea of drilling the neighbouring teeth to fit a bridge. As implants are secured by bone growing round them, they’re considered the best option out there for restoring one tooth, or indeed a full arch of teeth.  
Take a look at why implants always make the best replacement teeth.  
They’re highly biocompatible 
The titanium material used to make implants is known for its biocompatible characteristics. This means when it’s inserted into the jawbone; the body accepts it as if it were a living entity. The integration that occurs between the jawbone and the implant ensures your facial structure doesn’t become hollow and angular as a result of the jawbone shrinking away. So, not only are dental implants cosmetically beneficial to your smile, they have a positive effect on your overall facial appearance. 
They rarely ever fail 
Implants have an impressive success rate of above 90%. Gum disease is the most common cause of problems, as implants are immune to decay. As long as you’re rigorous with your oral hygiene routine and refrain from harmful habits like smoking, your dental implant should successfully integrate with your jawbone. With the right type of care, there’s no reason why an implant can’t be a permanent replacement for a lost tooth. 
They can secure dentures in place 
Patients who have worn conventional (removable) dentures for years are often amazed at how much of a difference fixing them in place with implants can make. Thanks to innovation in implantology, it’s now possible to replace a full jaw of teeth with only a small number of implants and secure a set of custom made dentures over the top. This can be life-changing for patients who have struggled with slipping dentures when they chew and speak. 
Experienced implant dentist Chris Lucas at Park Dental Care 
We’re proud to work with implant surgeon Chris Lucas here at Park Dental Care. Chris has been carrying out implant surgery since 1990 and has worked with the leading implant brands, including Nobel Biocare, lecturing and teaching on their implant training courses. 
The success of Nobel Biocare is underpinned by over 50 years of research and innovation. Developed by Ingvar Brånemark, who is considered the father of modern implants, the brand offers the most comprehensive range of implants and implant-related products. Chis uses his experience to recommend the most appropriate implant for each case. 
Dental implants in Nottingham 
Book your dental implants consultation to discuss the possibility of implants to replace missing or failing teeth. Our consultation appointments are an opportunity for you to learn about the steps involved in getting an implant and to ask any questions you have about the process. No question is too trivial; please do ask us anything. 
During your consultation, we can also discuss the possibility of using sedation during your treatment if you are nervous. 
Contact our friendly reception team, who can book you in for a consultation. 
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