Losing a tooth can be distressing, whether it’s due to gum disease, decay, or trauma. But thanks to dental implants, it’s possible to restore the health of your mouth, chewing and speaking ability and aesthetic of your smile. Dental implants are the premium option for replacing a missing tooth, as they look and behave like a real tooth, thanks to the fact that they’re surgically placed into the jawbone. 
Read on to find out why a dental implant should be your no.1 option for replacing a missing tooth. 
What is a dental implant? 
A dental implant is a titanium screw that’s placed directly into your jawbone. After several months, the bone around the implant gradually fuses with it and secures it in place as a new component of the body. As dental implants mimic real tooth roots, they’re able to ensure the health of the jawbone and stop it from receding away. A restoration like a crown, denture or bridge is custom made to go over the implant and give your smile a new lease of life. 
What makes dental implants so great? 
Dental implants require multiple procedures, and the treatment process isn’t as fast as if you were to get conventional dentures. However, they’re a massive investment in the health of your smile and can last a lifetime with the correct care. Dental implants are the best choice for replacing a missing tooth because: 
They’re a fixed solution: implants are a fixed option that won’t cause your bridge, dentures, or crowns to shift out of position when you eat and chew. Enjoy a diverse range of foods, thanks to dental implants. 
They maintain your facial structures: replacing the root of a tooth means your jawbone gets the stimulation it needs to stay healthy and free from the risk of recession. This means the shape of your face won’t become hollow and sunken in appearance because of jawbone loss. 
Feel great about smiling: there’s no doubt that a missing tooth can be a barrier to smiling. Replacing a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth can help you grow your confidence again and smile around others without even thinking about it. 
Dental implants offer predictable outcomes: dental implants have an extremely high success rate, particularly for those who are non-smokers and practice good oral care. 
Advanced implant treatment and care at Park Dental Care 
We have planned and performed implants treatment for hundreds of patients across the Nottingham area. Our dental implantologist, Chris Lucas, has been carrying out implant surgery since 1990 and uses world-renowned implants from Nobel Biocare. Chris is passionate about restoring patients’ smiles and confidence. 
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We’re so grateful to be open and looking after many of our patients in person again. If you’re unable to come in and see us, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of the virtual consultation process, during which we can talk through your treatment goals. 
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