As more information becomes available about the virus causing this pandemic, you may have read about the risk factors for being struck dangerously ill. 
So; we know that the older you are, the riskier, men are at greater risk than women and that Asian sufferers seem to be more at risk of severe complications, but there are also more specific, systemic health issues which have been shown to make a big difference. 
Diabetes, heart disease and being overweight all mean that catching COVID-19 is much more dangerous. Now, for most people these are preventable, don’t happen overnight and here’s the dental connection; these are also risk factors for chronic gum disease. As a dental-geek, this got me thinking: if I can help people reduce the risk of gum disease, I will also be keeping them safer from COVID. 
Most people do not get diabetes or cardiovascular disease overnight, they also don’t become obese or lose their teeth quickly. In reality these issues sneak up on us because in the early stages, whilst they are still reversible, they are entirely without symptoms. Nobody notices their blood sugar goes up a bit when they eat, some of their artery walls are a bit inflamed, they put on a pound or the gum around their upper left molar loosens a few millimetres. But here’s the thing: 
The technology to screen for these early stages is available and really quite inexpensive to access.  
So, here is the point of all this: I am offering a five point systemic health screening to help you:  
Identify your risk factors,  
Become more aware of your own health,  
Make positive changes and identify dangerous signs that require medical intervention.  
At Park Dental Care, our 5-point health screen will check for early signs of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatty build up and periodontal risk by measuring: 
Blood pressure. 
Blood glucose test. 
Cholesterol test. 
BMI assessment. 
Abdominal weight gain. 
I want to help protect you against a raft of preventable diseases.  
Combined with a lifestyle check, the results could literally save your life! 
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