Christmas is almost here! We’re very excited at the prospect of Christmas this year here at Park Dental Care and hope that it’s a little different from last year for all our patients. The festive period is a time for relaxing and being around friends, but one thing that you shouldn’t neglect at Christmas is caring for your teeth. 
Here are a few tips to ensure your teeth get the TLC they deserve this Christmas period. 
Don’t miss a brushing session (not even one!) 
Late (and sometimes boozy!) nights during December can make it tempting to slip off to bed without brushing and flossing. Failing to brush, particularly before bed, is problematic for your teeth, leaving bacteria to feast on the sugars in your mouth all night. As less saliva circulation occurs at night, a dry mouth can exacerbate this whilst also causing very bad breath the following day. Make sure you take the time to be regimental with your brushing and floss at least once a day to remove food particles from your mouth. Turkey has a particular tendency to get stuck in between your teeth! 
Be diet-wise 
Several Christmas foods are actually pretty tooth-friendly, and the good news is that they’re some of the tasty ones! 
Cheese: calcium-heavy cheese is great for your tooth enamel and can even neutralise the ph levels in your mouth to lower the risk of cavities. 
Almonds: a nut selection box is always a welcome treat at Christmas time. Make sure you reach for the almonds, which are a good source of protein, low in sugar, and high in calcium. This combination means they’re a good pick for your tooth and gum health. 
Turkey: Christmas is undoubtedly a celebration of turkey, the lean and healthy bird that we should all eat more of. Not only is it starch and sugar-free, but it also contains a mix of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, which promote strong teeth. 
Carrots: who doesn’t love some honey-glazed carrots at Christmas time?! If you use the honey in moderation, this dish is a good choice for the Christmas dinner table, with carrots being high in vitamin C, a building block for good gum health. 
Choose the right drinks 
We all have a favourite drink at Christmas time, but unfortunately, some are more harmful to teeth than others. Drinks with high acid content like prosecco and white wine are harmful to your teeth as they can erode your tooth enamel and cause cavities. If you’re drinking such drinks, make sure you’re drinking water between each sip to help wash away the sugars and acids. On the other hand, beer and gin are two of the best alcoholic drink choices, as their acid content is significantly lower. 
If you’re opting for a non-alcoholic beverage, remember that certain fruit juices are extremely high in sugar and can be bad for your dental health. Check the sugar content before you buy. 
Book a hygienist or dentist appointment for January 
If it’s been a little while since your last routine dentist or hygienist appointment, make a point of booking it in first thing in the New Year, so that you get an appointment as soon as possible. Routine appointments play an important preventive role in ensuring gum disease and decay don’t escalate and require complex treatment. 
Book your appointment with us by getting in touch with our reception team here in Nottingham. 
We wish all our patients here in Nottingham the merriest of Christmases! 
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