According to a survey on the impact of smiles, carried out by the Academy of General Dentistry, 40% of people said they felt a smile is the feature they first notice about an individual. During lockdown, we’ve all embraced the concept of video calling, which leaves us staring at our own face more than usual! Perhaps you’ve noticed your teeth need a little TLC and rejuvenation after 2020 and you’d like a brighter and healthier-looking smile? Lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol consumption (especially wine), diet and certain medications are all things that can gradually discolour our teeth. Thankfully, teeth whitening treatment is here to help and here’s why it has the potential to transform lives. 
Improve your career prospects 
The pandemic has undoubtedly hit the job market hard, with many struggling to navigate through the new system of Zoom interviews and consultations. A great smile is an asset to have (both on screen and off) when it comes to furthering your career, helping to create a good first impression. What’s more, a brighter, stain-free smile is suggestive of an individual who takes care of themselves, creating the implication that they also care about being diligent in their work. Did you know, 75% of people who took part in a study by Kelton Research, said they were more likely to trust someone with a nice smile? 
Feel good from the inside out 
Smiling is more than just a gesture that makes your face look nice – it’s also good for the soul. When we smile, it releases endorphins, the chemicals responsible for making us feel relaxed and happy. Unsightly teeth have the potential to stop you feeling a desire to smile in public, inadvertently affecting your general wellbeing. In seeking professional teeth whitening treatment, not only are you improving your smile aesthetics, you’re investing in your happiness too. 
A new chapter in your dental and oral health 
Starting afresh with your smile has the potential to give you motivation you need to instil better oral and dental health habits. It can be easy to continue neglecting your smile when it’s sustained a certain degree of discolouration or when plaque and tartar build-up is prolific. Teeth whitening treatment can last for years, providing you take good care of your smile. Before going ahead with the whitening process, your teeth are scaled and polished to remove areas of plaque and tartar, rendering your teeth and gums healthier and your breath fresher. Use the teeth whitening process to set you on a path to a lifetime of taking pride in your smile. 
If you would like to know more about teeth whitening treatment at Park Dental Care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly reception team. 
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