This month, thousands of schoolchildren return to the classroom after the summer holidays. The return to a familiar routine may be welcome to many parents, but top dental surgeons are worried that schools aren’t doing enough to protect youngsters’ teeth. 
If you’ve recently lost a tooth you may not be feeling your best. Missing teeth can negatively impact both physical and emotional health, lowering self-esteem and making it difficult to eat. For a permanent solution that restores both functionality and confidence, Park Dental Care offers dental implants. Here are some facts you should know about this life-changing treatment. 
When you look through this year’s summer holiday snaps, will you like what you see? If you notice that you’re hiding in the background of family photos or covering your mouth to avoid showing your teeth, it might be time for a confidence-boosting smile makeover. Here’s how Park Dental Care can help. 
Did you know that up to 9 in 10 adults in the UK have some degree of gum disease? That may give the impression that it isn’t a serious condition, but if left untreated, gum disease causes tooth and bone loss and increases the risk of major health complications such as stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Here’s how to spot the symptoms before they become a serious health risk. 
Do you hide your smile? According to a recent Oral Health Foundation survey, more than half of British adults regularly feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile. If you’re one of them, make an appointment at Park Dental Care – we’ll soon have you smiling with confidence! 
The premise that men are from Mars and women are from Venus may also be true when it comes to oral health – men fare worse in most aspects of dental health, including rates of gum disease and they are more likely to lose teeth. Here are some of the reasons men need to pay more attention to their dental routine. 
If you’ve been thinking about straightening your teeth but aren’t sure if you’ve left it too late, read on to find out more about the options and benefits of orthodontic treatment. At Park Dental Care, whatever your age, we can help you
We all know that we should brush our teeth twice a day and avoid eating sugary foods, but there are some seemingly harmless everyday habits that could be causing significant long-term damage to teeth and gums. Read on to find out how to break them. 
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