For many years, braces were primarily associated with younger patients, specifically teenagers. But, with the evolution of brace designs and a significant improvement in treatment planning, orthodontic treatment is no longer all about young people. In wearing appliances like ceramic braces and Invisalign clear aligners, patients can get on with their everyday life whilst receiving treatment to get the smile of their dreams. 
Park Dental Care’s Dr Tim Webber possesses over 20 years of experience in orthodontic and cosmetic practice and works with his skilled team (many of whom have had braces) to formulate tailored treatment plans for patients. Creating smiles is what we do best, and it’s always amazing to see the significant change in patient confidence once their braces come off. 
Here are a few reasons to consider orthodontic treatment as an adult patient. 
Freedom during your treatment 
A huge put-off for adult patients used to be the lack of freedom during the treatment months. Today, busy adults from all backgrounds and lifestyles have a series of braces to choose from, including discreet braces and even removable braces, such as Invisalign clear aligners. The Invisalign system offers patients a great degree of flexibility during their treatment, as the aligners can be removed for 2 hours each day to allow for normal eating and brushing. 
Meanwhile, ceramic braces are a more discreet and comfortable version of the traditional metal brace, which are ideal for conquering more complex misalignment cases and problems such as overbites and underbites. 
Patients of our dental practice here in Nottingham also have the option of ‘invisible’ lingual braces from the market-leading brand Incognito. As they sit on the tongue side of the teeth, they’re completely hidden, so if you’re worried about the prospect of wearing a brace for several months, this may be a great option for you. 
Improve your oral health 
The oral health benefits of teeth straightening can often take a back seat in favour of the aesthetic advantages it can bring. However, these shouldn’t be overlooked as they can be just as life-changing. Correctly aligned teeth without unnatural gaps are easier to look after, as the surfaces are more exposed to allow for uniform brushing. Food particles are also less likely to become lodged in-between your teeth and go on to cause bad breath, discolouration and decay. So, when you decide to straighten your smile, you’re also doing your oral health a massive favour. 
Renewed confidence and self-esteem 
No one should feel they have to hide their teeth around others and in photographs for fear that others won’t like their smile. It’s wonderful to hear our patients report back to us that they’ve never felt more comfortable in themselves, thanks to the help of braces. 
Going beyond a smile 
Orthodontic treatment can completely transform a person’s face, not just their smile. Braces can create a fuller smile, which promotes facial harmony and symmetry. 
To take the next step, simply call us on 0115 901 1447 to book your free no-obligation consultation to discuss how modern adult orthodontics can change your smile forever. We can also offer online consultations if you’re not able to make it into the practice. 
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