If you’ve been researching teeth straightening treatments, you will likely have come across the brand Invisalign, which caused major waves within the world of teeth straightening treatments back in 2000. 
Over 9 million patients later, Invisalign continues to be increasingly popular. Throughout the pandemic, many of our patients at Park Dental Care found it the ideal at-home treatment. 
But is Invisalign suitable for you, and what makes it so different from traditional braces? Continue reading to have these important questions answered. 
Invisalign: an introduction 
Invisalign isn’t your average brace. It’s a bespoke removable aligner system, with each aligner moving your teeth into a new position. A series of aligners straightens your teeth over months. This new position will make your teeth easier to brush and floss, as more of your tooth surfaces will be exposed. When your teeth are misaligned, crowded or widely spaced, tooth surfaces are challenging to reach, making decay and gum disease more likely. 
We create your Invisalign aligners using state-of-the-art digital planning software, and thanks to this technology, we can show you the treatment results right at the start of your journey. With this end-result to aim for, our clients find they’re fully able to get behind being consistent with wearing their aligners and persevering with the 22 hours of aligner-wearing each day. 
Invisalign characteristics: 
● Worn for 22 hours a day for successful results. 
● Removable aligner system. 
● Completely bespoke. 
● Discreet, transparent aligners. 
● Digital planning software for extremely predictable results. 
Why Invisalign? 
There are many reasons to love Invisalign: 
● No disruption to your diet, as the aligners are removable. 
● Brush and floss like normal. 
● It’s a discreet way of moving your teeth into a healthier position. 
● Predictable results can be achieved thanks to meticulous digital planning. 
Am I too old for orthodontic treatment? 
Age is not a factor in whether or not you’re suitable for Invisalign. As long as you have a healthy mouth, this is an excellent foundation for effective teeth straightening. 
The original Invisalign aligners were developed with adults in mind. However, the brand also offers a counterpart for teenagers, aptly named Invisalign Teen. 
Is there anyone who isn’t suitable? 
Patients with a dental implant or a dental bridge may not make the best candidates for Invisalign treatment. Severe cases of TMJ (temporomandibular joint complications) might also reduce the likelihood of you being a suitable patient for treatment. Similarly, if you have many missing teeth, Invisalign may not help you. 
In such cases, we can explore the other teeth straightening options available at Park Dental Care. 
Patients who think they might struggle with remembering to wear their aligners consistently for 22 hours a day may wish to consider a fixed brace. These types of braces do not demand as much discipline, as they’re not removable. We can discuss what you feel will be best for you during your consultation appointment. 
Contact Park Dental Care in Nottingham for outstanding Invisalign treatment 
We’ve garnered an excellent reputation for delivering successful orthodontic treatment in Nottinghamshire. Our team has been using orthodontics to help people achieve attractive, confident smiles for over 20 years, and they have treated and supported hundreds of Invisalign clients in the Nottingham area. 
Contact our reception team today to find out more or book a free consultation. 
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