As we enter the colder months and start getting close to the festive period. it’s important to remember to not only keep your whole body healthy during this time, but also your smile too.  
We have provided some simple tips you can consider to ensure your smiles stays in a healthy condition. Remeber though, we are open as normal, so please contact us should you need to book an appoitment. 
Fuel your smile with the right foods 
Tooth enamel (the protective coating on your teeth) is the strongest substance in the body – it’s even harder than steel! However, a certain amount of neglect, wear and tear will eventually corrode tooth enamel, which is why it’s so important to eat tooth-friendly foods and avoid those that are a threat to the health of your smile. Dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt are great for fortifying your teeth against cavities, whilst fibre-rich foods and vegetables stimulate the saliva production in your mouth, washing away food particles and bacteria. 
Steer clear of starchy foods like crisps and soft bread that can easily become trapped between your teeth, or if you do eat such foods, make sure you floss afterwards and drink plenty of water. Meanwhile, it’s well known that sticky sweets and confectionary are no friend to teeth, but if you are going to have sugary treat every now and then, choose something that washes off your teeth quickly and easily, such as dark chocolate, rather than options like toffee and caramel. 
Ditch the cigarettes 
Smoking negatively affects virtually all aspects of the body, and your smile is no exception. Even if you brush your teeth religiously and meticulously every day, smoking will still impact upon your gum health and eventually, cause tooth loss. When thinking about the health of your smile, remember it’s about more than just your teeth. Read more about how smoking damages your dental health here. 
Be strict about brushing 
It can be easy to abandon the things that make up your normal routine during times of anxiety and uncertainty. Maybe you’ve found you get up a little later in the morning, skip your daily exercise or have become a little lax with brushing your teeth twice a day, everyday. Failing to brush for the recommended time of two minutes twice a day, will result in more bacteria converting to plaque and tartar in your mouth and eventually, lead to gum disease and other problems like cavities. Treatment for such issues can become costly and complex, but keeping on top of your brushing everyday will significantly lower your chances of developing these problems and having to invest in advanced periodontal treatment later down the line. 
Should you have ay questions at all or need to book an appointment please don't hesitate to contact us on 0115 910 1447. 
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