Half of the dental problems I help people with are gum-related. In fact, most of the people losing their teeth in the UK do so because of gum problems. 
Most of these can be significantly improved with DIY care, so an understanding of gum health can save you a lot of grief. 
A week into lock-down, I was able to persuade Karen, who usually works as a hygienist, helping my clients face-to-face, to begin a series of video-advice guides. I hope that the following prove helpful: 
“Why does the dentist have to poke my gums?” And what is a gum-health check?" 
"Even a great quality electric brush only cleans 80% of my teeth, how do I get at those in-between bits?  
My dentist has recommended that I clean between my teeth; how do I do that properly? 
Advice on using an Interspace Toothbrush" 
"I have been told that I have gum disease.  
What is gum disease?" 
“Basic guide to flossing" 
“I have pain from my wisdom-tooth. Help!" 
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