A month after lock-down, my team and I have become used to a new language: Zoom, Web-Ex, “Teams” 
The prohibition on meeting has not diminished our desire to help people, so we are becoming proficient in video-consults and asking our clients to gurn at strange angles into their web-cams! I have been surprised at the breadth of situations which can be effectively remedied with half-hour advice consultations. My team are also being kept fit running to and from the post-office with parcels of brushes, antiseptic gels, antibiotics and orthodontic components. 
Whilst some of my clients have been helped in taking photos of their teeth by house-mates, others have had to put up with my encouragement to “move a bit closer to the camera” and “turn further to the left”. All this has caused me to think about how we can safely deliver a remote service into the future. On the other hand, I have found it frustrating how many people could be helped by a simple remedy, if only we could meet safely for half an hour. I cannot wait to start providing proper surgery again. After six years or study and twenty years of practice; that is what I feel I should be doing! 
Whilst some of my team have been dedicated to providing dental care remotely, others have been focused on providing preventive advice for those seeking help online. My colleague Karen has been started a new career as YouTube vlogger, uploading advice on situations she frequently comes across at our practice. My next task will be to order these advice videos for access through the website.  
In the meantime, if you have dental problems or need advice; I am at my desk helping people like you.  
I invite you to call or mail the practice. 
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