The Easter bunny is on his way – good news for thousands of excited children all over the country, but not such good news for their teeth. Given that the average child in the UK receives 8.8 Easter eggs throughout the holiday (each containing more than three times the recommended daily amount of sugar for a 6-year-old!), we’ve put together some tips for a more tooth-friendly Easter. 
1. Swap sugary gifts for fun activities 
Cutting out sugar doesn’t have to mean cutting out all the Easter fun – rather than filling Easter baskets with sweets and chocolate, why not try games and activities instead? Small bouncy balls, tubes of bubbles, Easter-themed arts and crafts, and fancy dress items all make such great additions to an Easter basket that the kids won’t even notice the lack of sugar. 
2. Decorate real eggs 
There’s no need to cut out eggs completely – just switch from the chocolate variety to hard-boiled eggs that children can decorate with food colouring, paint, or glitter. If you use food colouring and keep the eggs refrigerated after they’ve been dyed you can eat them, which has the added tooth-friendly benefit of providing vitamin D to aid calcium absorption. 
3. Time your treats 
Realistically, it is difficult to eliminate sugary treats altogether, but you can minimise the negative impact on your children’s teeth. Opt for low-sugar varieties and limit them to one small chocolate treat at mealtimes. Grazing on sugary snacks throughout the day is far worse for teeth because the sticky residue stays on them for a longer period of time, increasing the risk of tooth decay. 
4. Go on an Easter outing 
Rather than taking children to an Easter egg hunt full of sugary surprises, opt for a spring family outing that doesn’t involve chocolate eggs. A trip to a local farm to see newborn lambs, picnic in the park, scavenger hunt, or nature trail are great ways to celebrate Easter without gorging on sugary treats. 
5. Keep your dental appointment 
Whether you manage to avoid excessive amounts of Easter candy or not, bringing your child to the dentist for a regular check-up is essential for maintaining peak dental health. Getting kids into the habit of visiting the dentist early helps to familiarise them with the process and makes dentist trips less intimidating throughout adulthood. 
At Park Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing a relaxed environment for patients of all ages. Our friendly and experienced dentists will take time explaining each procedure to your child so they are comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Call us today to book your child’s next appointment. 
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