Have you been in two minds about whether or not to go ahead with orthodontic treatment? Maybe you’re worried about the interruption it could make to your day-to-day life? Perhaps it’s the cosmetic element that’s making you question your desire to proceed? Below, we’ll highlight five reasons you should keep in mind if you’re unsure about straightening your teeth. 
Braces are more comfortable than in the past 
Today’s braces have been refined for comfort, and thank goodness! There was a time when braces made the teeth straightening process pretty bleak. Large metal clunky brackets and wires are no longer what characterises braces today. Whilst traditional metal braces are still around, their components are much smaller, making them more suited to patients who need many months of treatment. 
You can eat normally during your treatment 
You can take removable braces like Invisalign out to eat as normal as there’s no risk of sticky foods getting stuck in the wires and brackets that make up a traditional brace model. This isn’t the case for fixed braces, which stay on your teeth for the duration of treatment. 
So, if you’ve just made a new year’s resolution to stick to a particular diet and you don’t want your orthodontic treatment to throw a spanner in the works, we recommend an option like Invisalign. 
There are braces that are ‘invisible’ 
It’s now possible to opt for braces that are barely visible to others; the Invisalign system is one such example. However, there’s a brace that goes one step further as it’s practically invisible. The Incognito lingual brace is fixed to the tongue side of your teeth, completely out of view and the ideal choice for patients who wish for their treatment to remain a well-kept secret. 
Results are highly predictable 
With modern braces comes modern diagnostic and planning technology. 3D imaging software and digital impression taking have streamlined the treatment process for patients while enabling dentists to achieve an amazing degree of precision when planning your treatment and designing your braces or aligners. 
In the case of Invisalign, we’re even able to show you what will happen to your teeth as they move into their eventual position. Using a digital scan, rather than traditional putty impressions allows us to show you what will happen to your teeth as they move into their eventual position. Using a digital scan, rather than traditional putty impressions, allows us to create digital mock-ups of the result you can expect. 
Orthodontics isn’t just for children and teens 
As discussed in my recent blog post, there was a sharp rise in adults enquiring about orthodontic treatment across the globe. However, this rise hasn’t just been since the pandemic. There has been a gradual increase in the number of adults undergoing orthodontic treatment, partly influenced by the endorsement of celebrities but mostly down to an improvement in orthodontic treatment journeys. 
Factors like reduced treatment times, discreet brace options and more predictable outcomes have contributed to the increasing interest in correcting problems such as crowded teeth and gaps, overlapping teeth and complex bite problems. 
Are you looking for a way to achieve a straighter, healthier and more attractive smile? What better time to go ahead with treatment than in the golden age of braces? Choose from our wide range of treatment options at Park Dental Care and start your orthodontic treatment in Nottingham today. 
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