Losing a tooth isn’t just a cosmetic issue – it can lead to long-term oral health problems. Whether you’re missing a tooth due to trauma, old age, or decay, read on to find out why you should talk to your dentist at Park Dental Care about replacing it as soon as possible. 
1. Prevent jawbone deterioration 
Your jawbone retains its strength through the pressure and stimulus of chewing. If one or more teeth are missing this will cause the jawbone to deteriorate through a process known as resorption. The longer your teeth are missing, the worse this deterioration will get. During the first year after you lose your tooth, 25% of your jawbone will be lost and this bone loss continues until you replace your missing tooth. 
2. Avoid a prematurely aged appearance 
One of the reasons people start to look ‘old’ is due to changes in their facial structure caused by jawbone deterioration. As the bone wears away, the cheeks become sunken and the skin around the chin and jaw begins to sag. The result is a shrunken facial appearance that can age you by 10 years or more. 
3. Protect your other teeth 
When you are missing a tooth, adjacent teeth can shift into the gap that is left behind, causing a domino effect that leaves you with a misaligned bite. This isn’t just a cosmetic problem – it can cause headaches and chronic jaw pain. 
4. Enjoy a normal diet 
We rely on our teeth to bite and chew and losing one or more teeth can sometimes prevent us from enjoying our favourite foods. Some of the most nutritious foods – crunchy vegetables, fruits, and nuts – are the toughest to eat without a full set of teeth, which can negatively impact your overall health. 
5. Restore your self-confidence 
Missing a tooth – especially if it is one of the ‘social six’ that are most visible when we smile – can negatively impact our self-confidence and desire to socialise with others. If you’ve found yourself turning down invitations or avoiding social engagements because you feel self-conscious about your appearance, talk to your dentist here at Park Dental Care about tooth replacement options. 
Options for replacing missing teeth 
At Park Dental Care, we offer both fixed and removable solutions for missing teeth, including bridges, clip-in teeth, and dental implants. Our experienced dentists will be happy to discuss the best choice for you during a free initial consultation. Call us today to book your appointment. 
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