It’s not hyperbolic to say that dental implants have changed what it means to replace a missing tooth. Durable, aesthetic and made to measure, dental implants are a long lasting and fixed answer to tooth loss. If you’re considering dental implants in the future but would like to learn a little more about them, please read on. 
Prevent jawbone resorption 
Tooth loss also triggers jawbone loss, which can radically alter your facial structure and appearance. When you lose a tooth, your jawbone no longer gets the stimulation it needs to function. It ceases to create new cells and consequently, it shrinks (resorbs) away. Unfortunately, dentures will not solve this issue, because they’re not a fixed answer to tooth loss. Dental implants on the other hand, replace the root of a tooth with a tiny biocompatible titanium root, which tricks the body into thinking it’s part of you. As a result, the jawbone stays healthy and the supporting structures in your face remain intact. This prevents severe cases of resorption, where your face can appear sunken and old beyond your years. 
Improve chewing and speech ability 
Dental implants are anchored into your jawbone like regular teeth and therefore, allow you to enjoy a wider range of foods than if you were wearing dentures. Missing teeth and wearing dentures for a prolonged period can also result in speech changes and impediments; dental implants will give you the confidence to speak (as normal) again, which can improve job prospects and relationships with others. 
They’re easy to care for 
Dental implants are very low maintenance when compared to dentures. Whilst dentures need to be removed in order to clean them, dental implants can be looked after in the same way as your natural teeth. Floss and brush as normal, and don’t forget to attend your routine hygienist and dentist appointments. 
Dental implants look the part 
Aesthetic is obviously a very big part of the process when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants offer an outstanding cosmetic result that no-one need ever know isn’t natural. Dental implants are made up of three components, an implant (the titanium root), the restoration (a crown or bridge) and an abutment (the connecting element binding these to one another). The restoration element of a dental implant is carefully crafted to resemble your existing teeth in shade and shape. Show off your new smile with restored confidence. 
Should you have any questions at all or need to book an appointment please don't hesitate to contact us on 0115 910 1447. You can read all about Park Dental Care’s implant expert Chris Lucas here
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